DIY summer decoration activities (PT.2)

Summer means backyard barbecues, warm weather, and fun for the whole family!

Published on
July 26, 2022
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11 mins
DIY summer decoration activities (PT.2)


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Summer means backyard barbecues, warm weather, and fun for the whole family! Create a summer full of life-long memories with these nifty DIY projects and crafts for the whole family to enjoy!

Seashells by the Seashore:

Say that five times fast! Goal Properties offers many properties by the shore, and summertime means you can finally enjoy it with the family. During your next trip to the beach, collect a few extra seashells and sea glass for craft time with the kids! You’ll need tropical paint colors, googly eyes, a hot glue gun (with parental supervision!), one large seashell, and other smaller ones. Make sure you pick some extra small shells that will be the tails and fins for the fish. Glue the smaller shells and googly eyes onto your larger shell and paint away!

Pro Tip: For those who don’t live near the beach, don’t worry! Your local arts and crafts store will sell the perfect seashells for this crafty activity.

Tranquil Tiedye:

Everyone needs a beach bag, so why not make it your own? The supplies include a tie-dye kit, plain white cloth drawstring bag, plastic tablecloth, and disposable gloves. Dampen the bag so it’s wet but not dripping water, put the bag on your work surface, squeeze the dye and create your very own tie-dye pattern! Then place your creation in a big plastic bag or trash bag and let it sit overnight. The next morning rinse with warm water, then cold. Make sure to run it through the washing machine, let it dry, and enjoy it on your next family beach trip.

Cute Clay Toadstools:

Mix in some decor among your flowers with any leftover terracotta pots. Simply stack the saucers on top of the pots when they are upside down, and you have a toadstool! Make sure you stack the terracotta saucers from largest to smallest, with the smallest being on top. Pick your desired colors, but the bottom-most, upside-down pot should be white. Add the polka dots to the colorful tops, and you have your garden centerpiece. When you are done, simply pick them up, remove them from their spots and move them to the garage or other area to store in the off-season; so easy!

Sentimental Stepping-Stones:

Get the kids involved in the gardening activities too! Not only are they a great way to make memories, but they also add a decorative aspect to the garden. The stones are very versatile in that they can create a pathway around the garden or be placed decoratively around the yard. What’s even better? They’re also temporary, and you can take them with you to your next home!

Calming Candles:

Summer is here, and so are the mosquitos, which can be quite a bother while trying to enjoy the outdoors – especially at night. Make your backyard as mosquito-free as possible with candles you can make yourself! While citronella candles are beneficial, they often come at a steep cost. But, don’t worry! You likely have a mix of natural ingredients that you can add to your candles: lemon, lime, water, essential oils, lavender, and peppermint. They repel bugs, make a lovely scent, and can also be a pretty decoration for your summertime table. Slice your choice of fruit, lemon, lime, or both, and place inside of a mason jar or other jar around the house. Choose your greenery and essential oils. Fill the jar up to its neck with water, place a non-scented floating candle on top, and enjoy a mosquito-free backyard!

Goal Properties is ready to show you the house you and your family will make a home. Set up your self-guided tour today through Rently today.


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