Quality Holiday Time With Loved Ones

Home is where the heart is! Spend time with your loved ones this holiday season and learn about the different types of love languages!

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December 21, 2022
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Quality Holiday Time With Loved Ones


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The holidays are a time of joy and cheer that should be spread to those far and near. Making sure that you have time to spend with your loved ones during these times is especially important, as they are the reason for the season! You’ll be able to bring an atmosphere of positivity and light into your home, which is arguably the best decoration of all. Celebrating the holidays with those you love also provides a chance for various love languages to come through. Here’s a closer look into the different types of love languages during the holidays, and some ways to act on them.

Quality time is a love language centered around togetherness, making it a natural fit for the holiday season. There are an immense amount of pros to spending some quality time with your family, such as improved mental health, increased confidence, and, at times, reduced stress. (Thatcher, 2020). Quality time can assist in ensuring that individuals maintain a positive mindset during these times, as being physically present with loved ones can create a physical and emotional buoy to help in difficult times. No one wants to be alone during the holidays, so try to create activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy together! You can invite people over for casual get-togethers and enjoy each other's company. 

If you are someone who goes out of your way to help or support others, acts of service may be your love language. If your loved ones are all about GIVING rather than getting, then you have a clear path to bring some joy into your home during the holidays. A simple way to incorporate both quality time and acts of service is by having loved ones over for dinner. Prepare a meal of everyone’s favorite dishes and their appreciation and gratitude will be the greatest gift of all. Giving back to your community is also a fantastic way to take advantage of the season. Assist those who may not have access to their loved ones during these times by donating gifts or donating your time! This will be sure to fuel your love language, as well as demonstrate what the holidays are all about. 

One final love language, and perhaps most fitting in the holiday season, is receiving gifts. Gifts are a way to give love through presents of all sizes, either small trinkets or even larger, more extravagant gifts. This love language can often be seen in a negative light because it tends to portray a person as ‘greedy’ or materialistic. However, it may actually be the opposite! Gift giving can be a way to show someone you were thinking of them and wanted to purchase something they would like. It is about so much more than just an item itself, but rather the thought, intention, and meaning behind the item. You also don’t have to go out of your way and buy the most expensive thing on the market. A simple solution to this is getting together with your friends or family and doing an arts and crafts gift! Homemade gifts show a certain investment of time and effort and can be a perfect present for someone with this love language. 

Remember, home is where the heart is. No matter what it is you decide to do, surround yourself with the ones you love this holiday season!


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