DIY summer decorating activities (PT.1)

Memories are made when the whole family gets together...

Published on
July 11, 2022
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14 mins
DIY summer decorating activities (PT.1)


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Memories are made when the whole family gets together. Goal Properties encourages you to enjoy the summer in your home, spend time with family, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Summertime has plenty of opportunities to have a get-together, whether it’s celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or a 4th of July BBQ -here are some fun DIY decorating ideas for your next summer gathering!

Party Popsicles:

Take your table up a notch this summer with a popsicle stick table runner. Prepping for this DIY project is not only easy but also tasty. You’ll need some leftover popsicle sticks from those scrumptious summer snacks; popsicle sticks are also available at your local arts and crafts store – they’re super affordable and user-friendly! Once you have the required amount to create a table runner, align them however you see fit. Then, use painter’s tape to connect all of the sticks together. Prep a workspace, preferably outdoors, and cover your workspace with trash bags, paper bags, or anything else you have around because it’s about to get messy! Paint the sticks with summery colors brushing a pattern or splattering them all over. Try using acrylic paint watered down to make it a little runny and less opaque.

Pro Tip: To top it off, reuse and recycle soda bottles by painting them each a color, fill them with flowers from the garden and enjoy your brightly colored table runner and centerpieces!

Painted Pineapples:

We paint eggs during the Easter holiday, so why not paint pineapples in the summer. Pineapples can double as decoration or a table centerpiece for your next Luau or home cookout! You will need some pineapples, acrylic paint, foam brushes, and something to protect your work surface. Use a larger brush to paint most of the pineapple stem; you can always go back with a smaller brush to fill in the fine details later. Once you are done, let them sit overnight – then it’s time to decorate!

New Napkins:

Every guest will need a napkin for those messy burgers, so why not make them stand out? You will need cloth napkins which can be found at any affordable home goods store and fabric paint. Use your imagination and let your creativity run wild – have the kids join in for that personalized touch!

Tie-Dye Table Cloth:

This is the perfect opportunity to recycle a white cotton sheet you no longer have use for or purchase from any local craft store. You will need three different colored dyes for the ombre effect, three buckets, and gloves. Take your sheet and thoroughly soak it with water. When dipping the sheet in the dye, double the amount of time the fabric sits in the dye to achieve a darker color. When finished, rinse your sheet on the grass and let it dry in the sun. Then run under the sink until the water runs clear with no color. Wash, dry, reuse as another table cloth, or even a fun photo backdrop! This is a perfect backyard activity for the whole family.

Pro-Tip: Consider wearing gloves, so you don’t dye your hands!

Balloon Ice:

Be the most creative party host this summer with this alternative cooler idea. Instead of ice, fill a few balloons with ¼ worth of tap water and then freeze them overnight. On the day of the party, place them in a big bucket with the refreshments and enjoy!

Crafty Center Pieces:

Repurpose your extra balloons and recycle grocery containers and cans from your summer fiestas! Consider planning a water balloon fight with the kids to help cool off on those hot summer days and repurpose those leftover cans to make the perfect flower or cacti holder! These tins, sourced from your grocery runs, can also double as centerpieces or make for a cheerful addition to your kitchen.

Cute Cutlery:

Personalize your plastic cutlery with a little extra pizzaz! Simply dip the bottoms of plastic or wooden cutlery in bright colored paint and let dry. Consider using a different color for each guest so there are no mix-ups.

Memorable Mason Jars:

Once you have personalized your silverware, you will need somewhere to put them until guests are ready to eat. You will need spray paint, some decorative ribbon, a sharpie, and space to work in the backyard. For a watermelon design, spray paint the mason jar, and then once dried, add the seed detail on with a black sharpie. Do the same with yellow spray paint and embellish with ribbon for a cheerful lemon yellow. Super easy and great for the next summer cookout.

Pro-Tip: Wearing a mask is best during this project, so you don’t inhale any of the spray paint fumes!

It’s a Wrap:

Boring cups are a thing of the past. Simply print out a floral or any other patterned cup wrap template, cut, wrap around any of your plastic cups, and glue! Your guests will appreciate the brightly colored cups and summer design.

The summer spent with family and loved ones in your Goal Properties’ home and backyard will be one to remember. Set up your self-guided tour today on Rently.