Family bonding activities for summer!

Summer is finally here, which means so is the heat! Here are some easy DIY ideas to keep the kids cool and entertained while keeping your backyard looking great...

Published on
June 27, 2022
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Family bonding activities for summer!


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Summer is finally here, which means so is the heat! Here are some easy DIY ideas to keep the kids cool and entertained while keeping your backyard looking great:


We all love a family vacation, but sometimes circumstances make it hard to travel. By setting up a campground at the house, you’ll bring the vacation to your backyard! Your kids will be entertained by a DIY backyard camping set-up: a portable lantern, an outdoor tent, and sweet treats.

Keep Cool in the Pool:

Your inflatable pool can keep the kids cool in more than one way! While you’re relaxing in your outdoor oasis, the kids will be relaxing in their corner of the yard. Simply forgo the water and fill it with comfy pillows and blankets instead. Pop some popcorn, fill a bowl with some candy, and the family will be ready for an outdoor movie night!

Secret Scavenger Hunt:

Looking for things to do with the family this summer? A scavenger hunt is a great way to get everyone involved. You can either hide household items or rely on things in the environment like plants or bugs. A scavenger hunt allows parents to make it fun for kids to keep learning math and colors and shapes when school’s out. Give your children a print-out of items to look for, and let the exploring begin!

Sweet and Savory S’mores:

S’mores are the perfect addition to the at-home glamping trip. All you need is a chocolate bar, some marshmallows, and a box of graham crackers. No fire pit? No problem! Simply turn on your trusty oven and preheat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit – these delectable S’mores will be ready in 3 to 5 minutes.  

Protip: Deck out your S’mores with a few extra ingredients. Get creative! Use Oreos or chocolate chip cookies in place of graham crackers for a yummy difference. For the white chocolate lover, we suggest a Hershey’s cookies and cream bar in place of milk or dark chocolate.

Hop into the Heat:

Take the childhood game of hopscotch up a notch! Let your and your kids’ inner artists roam free as you design the hopscotch game right on your sidewalk or driveway. Look for brightly colored washable liquid chalk for easy clean-up – you can rely on your hose to do the work for you!  

Lightning Bugs:

Nothing says summer quite like seeing the first lightning bug. The best part about this activity? Lightning bugs thrive at night during the coolest part of the day. Make a game out of seeing who can catch the most; the winner gets extra S’mores! All you’ll need is a jar or container.

Pro Tip: A mason jar and a moistened paper towel or unbleached coffee filter would work great – the coffee filter will keep the air in the jar humid. Make sure you poke small holes in the top of the jar, so your lightning bugs are nice and comfortable.

Summer Stomp:

A great way to utilize the leftover balloons from your carnival games is to use them for another fun game. Before blowing up the balloon, stick a small prize (the choice is yours) inside. Then blow them up, place them around the yard, and let your kids stomp and pop the balloons until they find the prize. A friendly reminder: don’t forget to play the “clean-up game!”

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