Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung, and Goal Properties can’t wait to guide you in creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams...

Published on
May 5, 2022
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10 mins
Spring has sprung!


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Spring has sprung, and Goal Properties can’t wait to guide you in creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams! We’ll soon be saying hello to sunnier days and warmer weather; it’s the perfect time to start considering your outdoor space. Whether it’s your backyard or front lawn, the outdoor area of your new rental property should feel like home – read along for some DIY tips and tricks!

Let There Be Light:

Twinkly lights are the perfect addition for the late-night gathering or grill-out. If you’re not feeling up to making that commitment, make your space functional and bright with portable lights. The options are endless, whether you want a modern feel or whimsical lanterns that can be stationary or hung.

Pro Tip: If DIY arts and crafts are your thing, consider mason jars! You can easily turn them into fun and decorative candles to help set the mood, get cozy, and enjoy the great outdoors!

Cozy Chairs:

Find the best seat in the house! You can break out a chaise lounger for ultimate relaxation or go for a more classic look by choosing a chair with a sleek metal material. Live near the ocean?  Consider a poly lumber chair to withstand that salty beach air.

Grills Galore:

It’s time to host friends and family for an awesome BBQ in your brand new outdoor space! And, you don’t need a big, flashy George Foreman grill to enjoy a summer cookout. There are plenty of functional and portable options for small spaces in charcoal and gas versions. Keep your measurements in mind, how much you feel like cleaning, and if it can be stored easily when the season is over.

Keep it in Tune:

Your outdoor oasis is not complete without great tunes. And, portable speakers make it so easy to add music to your backyard, deck, or patio. Most are conveniently designed with rechargeable or solar batteries, and many outdoor speakers come in a cleverly designed and disguised shape to blend in seamlessly. Before turning up the beat, though, remember to be a good neighbor.

Sway into Spring:

Sway into spring with an easily attachable hammock! Hammocks are great for small spaces, mainly because they’re easy to remove and store. There are a couple of options to consider depending on whether you are hanging it between two points or using a stand. Choose a stand and hammock sold together to ensure they are compatible. Also, make sure you pick a fabric that fairs well during poor weather. If prone to spills or messes, choose one that can be easily washed and dried. Durability is essential, especially if you want to get the most out of your money. If you live in an area with a warmer climate, consider a lighter fabric that will keep you cool. Another option is to make it your own by making it yourself. All you’ll need is some nylon rope and overhand knots; voila, you have a hammock.

Safe Storage:

Pick a perfect spot to keep those extra cushions, blankets, kids, or pet toys. This doesn’t have to become an expensive or time-consuming task either. Turn it into a fun DIY project the whole family can enjoy! Scout your local flea market for refurbished outdoor furniture to help make your outdoor space feel new and fresh. You can also use a pegboard, which provides instant storage opportunities. Mount a shelf on it to store the next book on your reading list to enjoy outside!

Springtime Spa:

Find refuge, rest, and relaxation in the perfect zen backyard. First, make sure your area is clear of clutter. Then, consider getting a plant that reminds you of your favorite vacation spot, and finally, throw some outdoor pillows and blankets into this ultimate relaxation mix. Whether you’ve swapped cucumber slices for sunglasses or are choosing to enjoy a cool fizzy drink, you’ll be ready to take a nap and wash away your worries with this cozy set-up.

Roll Out the (Outdoor) Carpet:

Outdoor carpeting is great if you’re looking for that extra pop of color for your deck or patio. The best thing about outdoor carpets? They’re incredibly versatile and just as durable –  there’s an option for every kind of space! If you live near the beach, have an urban oasis, or enjoy the serenity of the suburbs, a rug will make for a beautiful addition to your outdoor oasis.

Here at Goal Properties, we understand how important it is to make your house feel like home, both inside and out. Set up your tour today – no appointment necessary!