The History of Charlotte, North Carolina

From its affordable prices to its welcoming familial atmosphere, Charlotte, North Carolina really has it all. Learn more about how this city is truly fit for a queen!

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February 22, 2023
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The History of Charlotte, North Carolina


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Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the sweetest cities in the United States. From its affordable prices to its welcoming familial atmosphere, this city truly has it all. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a place to settle down with a range of activities to do, in a city that gives off that small-town charm. Charlotte’s the ideal location for someone who is searching for “a sense of possibility and of change so strong that it’s energizing—and magnetic” (Hanchett, n.d.). Don’t believe me? Let’s take a closer look into Charlotte’s background and the many benefits of moving here:

Nicknamed “the Queen City” after “Queen Sophia Charlotte, wife of King George III, ruler of Great Britain from 1760 to 1820,” Charlotte, North Carolina was born to emulate the style of the queen: simple and easygoing. Ever since the Civil War, Charlotte has been rapidly developing and has no signs of slowing down any time soon! 

This city has evolved from cotton fields to a now booming society filled with enticing attractions, some of which include the NASCAR hall of fame and the Mint Museum. Charlotte has also encouraged the growth of diversity in its city, and now “a rich international culinary scene continues to flourish around the city, welcoming in family-owned and locally built businesses that add even more character to Charlotte’s unique and diverse climate” (Hanchett, n.d.).   

If that brief history of Charlotte didn’t pique your interest in the city, the list of benefits of living here is spectacular. First and foremost, Charlotte’s “cost of living is still lower than it is across the United States, and especially along the eastern seaboard,” making it that much more appealing to move here (Gaille, 2019)!  You’ll also be able to enjoy all four seasons, which is perfect since “location is one of the primary advantages that you will receive if you decide to start living in Charlotte” due to its proximity to both the mountains and the beach (Gaille, 2019).

If the outdoors is not for you, Charlotte also has a bustling nightlife scene complete with restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs, concert venues, and many other forms of entertainment-  you’ll never run out of things to do! The variety of choices in this city will give you the chance to decide on your favorite spots or experience something new each time. 

Charlotte offers a warming sense of community, as the locals “are willing to work hard to keep things the way that they are,” and provide a safe environment for all who live here (Gaille, 2019). The city seeks to create an atmosphere of comfort, creativity, and convenience for everyone.  

Things are everchanging here in Charlotte, which will help keep life exciting! The city seems to prioritize variety and will be sure to keep you on your toes! You deserve a great place to live, so why not settle down in a city that was truly fit for a Queen?! Visit our Listing page for more information on Charlotte and today’s available rental properties!


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